On 'Project THRONE', my role was Studio co-founder, Art Director (Concept Art, Animation Direction, Modeling, Lighting, Shading, Post FX & Battle Design Experience) . THRONE was a mobile game in the strategy-action-battler genre that was done in Unity. Within gumi, our game's prototype was the highest rated ever, it was done in by 6 devs in 2 months. The Japanese company hit financial troubles in 2016 a year after going public. Unfortunately for our Vancouver dev team (and all gumi studios outside of Japan), that meant lights out. All of the team is still incredibly proud of what we accomplished and our quite fond of all the learning we got to experience.


Below is the concept art I created for the game. Each piece was between 1-3 days, deadlines were pretty tight.

On top of coming up with a new mobile IP, we had to build a team & create a work area for our team. Below are some pictures of our studio (and our magnificent views from the 23rd floor!).